Beard VS Clean Shave: Which One Women Prefer?

Beard VS Clean Shave: Which One Women Prefer?

Do we now have a full-blown beard? Surely we have grown tired of the current trend of facial hair by now? Absolutely not. In fact, modern males still ponder the question of whether or not women find beards attractive even as they evaluate and reassemble their own sense of masculinity.

Beard VS Clean Shave, which one woman prefer is also a confusing question for many people. We will talk about this as follows.

Why Do Some Women Prefer Clean Shave Than Beards?

Beard vs clean shave. Whether a woman prefers a bearded or clean-shaven man depends on her personal preferences. However, some women prefer a clean shaved look more than a beard which coil be due to the following reasons:

  • Women might find clean-shaven men more approachable because they appear more youthful and less aggressive than men sporting full beards.
  • Beard is good, but a clean shave makes a man look better groomed. Some women claim that it gives you a sophisticated appearance.
  • In addition, women perceive clean-shaven men as being wiser and more reliable.
  • When it comes to romance or physical contact, some women find a beard to be an obstacle. Therefore, they consider a man with no facial hair to be preferable to one with a beard. Some women dislike facial hair because, for instance, it can irritate their skin when they kiss.
  • Many prominent magazines, including Vogue, feature clean-shaven actors and movie stars, which draws some women to these men.
  • A woman might assume a man is lazy and careless about personal hygiene if his beard is ungroomed or patchy. Most women do not value laziness as a quality. Men, however, look dapper and well-groomed after getting a clean shave.
  • Some women are interested in seeing men’s entire faces. Therefore, going clean-shaven is a good idea to highlight your attractive face, which might otherwise be hidden by a thick beard.

Why Some Women Prefer Beard Than Clean Shave?

Beard vs clean shave, former wins. A 2008 study asked 60 women their opinions on five different levels of facial hair, from clean-shaven to full-on fuzz, and found that men with light stubble were the most attractive, both as potential short- and long-term partners. However, full beards were rated for social maturity, parenting skills, and being more aggressive and masculine.

Similar results were found in a study conducted by the University of Queensland in 2016. In a study co-authored by Dr. Barnaby Dixson, an expert on beard science, pictures of men in various stages of facial hair were shown to over 8,000 women. The pictures were also altered to make certain facial features appear more masculine or feminine. Once more, beard styles were rated as more attractive for long-term relationships while stubble was deemed to be the most attractive overall and rated highly for short-term flings. Age, status, and dominance have all been linked to beards.

Heavy stubble was most attractive, but full beards checked boxes for parenting ability and health, according to a previous study conducted by Dr. Dixson. Additionally, the rating of masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair, especially among women who are in their menstrual cycle’s fertile phase.

Guys, it all seems pretty simple: stubble for sexiness, a full beard for settling down and taking on manly responsibility. Even in the animal kingdom, facial hair is a sign of power and status, according to science.

However, things are never quite as straightforward in real life. Other reports have claimed that bearded men are more likely to be sexist, that beards are dirtier than toilets, and that beards can fight bacteria. These and other claims are sufficient to alter any woman’s opinion of whether a beard is attractive or not.

Clean Shaven Vs Beard Look, Which Is Better?

It entirely depends on the preferences of the men and their partners. However, when it comes to clean-shaven vs stubble, women are slightly more inclined towards men with bearded looks.

The beard is timeless and universal, regardless of the fashion. It always remains in style. A well-groomed beard defines the contours of men’s faces, adds personality, and gives them a more manly appearance.

Additionally, a beard can shield the skin from other skin issues and sunburn. You must regularly groom your beard to keep it looking good, as untidy and patchy stubble can be unattractive.

Beard vs clean shave? Now you know what women prefer, which one do you choose?

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