Beard VS Clean Shave (For Man)

Beard VS Clean Shave (For Man)

You have a wide range of options for your facial hair style. You can go full beard, goatee, or mustache, and get some light stubble. Each look conveys a distinct message to those in your immediate vicinity and says something slightly different about you.

Consider the pros and cons of “beard vs clean shave”, here are issues about it.

The Reason For Men Growing Out Beards

Men maintain their beards for a variety of reasons. The bearded men in some hot movies they may have seen. Do you recall how each A-list actor wore one at the 2013 Oscars? So they developed their own.

Aside from pop culture influences and personal preferences, here’s why men with beards1 decided to grow their facial hair:

  1. Convenience – constant shaving can irritate the skin, and it adds more time to daily routines.
  2. Appeal – beards increase their chances of getting compliments.
  3. Confidence – it can hide insecurities on the face and other deformities.
  4. Balance – facial hair can balance the lack of follicular activity on the head or baldness.
  5. Sensation – some men relax by touching their beards.
  6. Skincare – the face stays protected from pollutants and UV rays of the sun.
  7. Practical – it costs lesser to keep a beard than to shave daily.
  8. Paternal influences – some were accustomed to their fathers having beards.

According to science, testosterone in men creates a hormone that prevents beard growth on the jaw. However, on a more intimate level, psychologists assert that men prefer to grow beards in order to stand out from the crowd and appear more manly in order to outcompete their female partners in the mate-seeking process. After all, if you don’t make a good first impression, it might be difficult to get a lady.

Pros And Cons Of Beard VS Clean Shave

Benefits Of Having A Beard

Less Or No Shaving
It can be a real chore to shave. There is no doubt that you don’t need to shave if you grow a beard. But you do have to keep it clean, which has its own issues that I’ll discuss later.

I stopped shaving daily and only did it once a week when I had some facial hair.

Beards Are Cool
Although I believe we have passed “peak beard,” bears are still cool. If you grow one, you’ll look hip or cool, depending on the look you’re going for.

It alters your appearance for the better.
Some people look good with beards, while others don’t. When I told a few people I was going to grow one, they objected, saying I wouldn’t look good with one. After I received one, they concluded that I was a good fit.

You must try it out for yourself to determine if you are a good fit and enjoy it. If it looks bad, you can always shave it off, so there’s nothing to lose.

Without a doubt, men can appear differently with or without a beard.

A Beard Makes You Look Older
Beards and other facial hair can make you appear older, but not necessarily negatively. If your face has always been youthful or youthful-looking, you can age a bit and appear to be a dapper gentleman sporting a beard.

Disadvantages Of Beard

They Need Maintenance
If you must shave, do so less frequently. However, there is a lot of upkeep. You must maintain your facial hair, which you have.

It needs to be styled and shaped, and the product should be used to keep it looking nice. Getting the beard to be perfectly straight and even throughout can take some time.

Even though I only shaved the beard to make sure it was even on both sides, it took me longer to maintain my beard when I had one. Nothing difficult, but it still required more work than simply shaving it.

Beards Can Grow Patchy
Patchy beard growth is possible. This greatly depends on the type of hair you have. It might be necessary for you to allow it to grow more than you’d like to before trimming it to the desired style.

Although it’s perfectly normal, this might prevent you from getting the beard style you want.

Beards Can Get Itchy
A beard can become itchy and bothersome if you’re not used to having facial hair. To keep it soft, apply beard oil, and to keep things cool, apply aftershave balm.

Advantages Of Clean Shaven

It’s A Cleaner Look
Going clean-shaven is the obvious choice if you want a
sharp appearance. This is a timeless style that is independent of fashion trends.

Easier To Maintain
You can stop worrying about styling if you remove all of your facial hair. You only need to shave as necessary, and it’s much simpler to maintain.

You Can Look Younger
Guys who have recently shaved often appear younger. Depending on the look you’re going for, that might be a good thing or a bad thing.

A beard can help if your natural beauty is young and you want to look older. However, going hairless is the best option if you want to maintain your youthful complexion.

Disadvantages Of Clean Shaven

Less Of A Rugged Look
It’s a common perception that a clean-shaven appearance is boyish. Compared to growing a beard, it is unquestionably perceived as less rugged.

You Can Look Young
A beard can make you look older if you have a young-looking face, as was already mentioned above. You’ll appear younger if you choose to go hairless on your face. The clean-shaven appearance won’t help if you want to appear older.

You Have To Shave Regularly
It can be tedious to shave. You’ll need to shave frequently to keep your appearance young. How often you shave each week will depend on how quickly your facial hair grows and how clean of an appearance you’re going for.

It might be necessary for you to shave every day or every other day.

beard vs clean shave

Beard Vs Clean Shaven, Which Is Better?

The preferences of the men and their partners are wholly responsible for this. Women lean slightly more toward bearded men when choosing between clean-shaven and stubble, though.
The beard is timeless and universal, regardless of fashion. It is timeless. The shape of men’s faces is defined by their well-groomed beards, which also give them a more manly appearance and give their personalities more character.
Beards also shield the skin from sunburn and other skin issues. You must regularly groom your beard to keep it looking good, as unruly and patchy stubble can be unattractive.

Do Girls Like Beards?

Girls think having a beard is cool. Many individuals claim that. It ought to be though, as some girls find beards attractive.

Like every other characteristic, not all girls find the same things attractive. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Do Girls Prefer Beard VS Clean Shave?

It depends on your personality whether a girl would prefer you with or without a beard.

You’d ideally want to be a rugged kind of guy because beards are associated with toughness. A clean shave might be the best option if you consider yourself to be more of a clean-cut type.

Observing how you dress is a good way to judge. A beard will complement your sense of style if you prefer a more rugged appearance.

Men with beards frequently wear leather jackets, boots, casual shirts, and jeans. Your style will be on point if you put together a good overall look.

How To Maintain A Prim And Proper Beard?

Always choose a well-groomed beard over unclean facial hair. Below mentioned are a few tips men could use to maintain a beard:
You must regularly and flawlessly trim the beard as it grows continuously. Trim your beard every other day to maintain the look of a closely-cropped beard. If you have a full beard, once or twice a week of trimming might be sufficient.
For proper beard maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene are essential. You must therefore regularly groom your beard. You should use beard wash and conditioner instead of just water, as this may not be sufficient.
With the help of Manmatter’s Beard Development Kit, you can style and smooth out the hair on your beard as desired. It includes a wooden comb and BeardMax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum. To fill in bald spots and encourage new hair growth, use the serum. Afterward, use a wooden comb made specifically for a beard to comb the hair.
You can also use BeardGro+ Advanced Beard Growth Tonic for a thicker, denser beard and Manmatters’ Beard Gummies to improve the density of your beard.
To style your beard, invest in the proper trimmer and other tools.

Beard vs clean shave, each one has its pros and cons, which one do you prefer?