What Are The Pressure Washer Trailer Set Up?

What Are The Pressure Washer Trailer Set Up?

You might already own a small pressure washing business or be looking to start a new career working for yourself. There are pressure washer trailer setups to take into account if you want to launch a pressure washing company. While you may have washed your car without much difficulty in the past, starting a pressure-washing company requires a slightly different process.

Who is Pressure Washer Trailer Setup For?

An enormous and large machine, a pressure washer trailer is basically capable of quickly cleaning a large area. So as to maximize pressure washer trailer setups’ performance, the majority of professional pressure washer companies use this kind of pressure washer machine.

Using a standard pressure washer will suffice if all you need to do is clean the sidewalk or pavement. This means that if all you need to clean is something that a regular pressure washer can handle, you don’t need a pressure washer trailer.

It is also difficult to believe that a single professional pressure washer company would not have this kind of “ammo” in their “arsenal.” In other words, a mobile detailing pressure washer setup will work perfectly no matter how hard you work to make your cleaning better.

What Are the Essential Pressure Washer Trailer Setup?

The most crucial pressure washer trailer setup will be covered in the following discussion. In order for the trailer to function properly, these components are necessary and crucial. Let’s see.

Hot Water Burner

Adding a hot water capability to your pressure washer and turning it into a hot pressure washer trailer, as a pressure washer trailer setup, is now potentially the best way to increase your efficiency. With the option to use hot water while cleaning under high pressure, you can be sure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned, making even the most difficult tasks impossible.

Hose Reels

Simply speaking, there are 4 different types of hose reels that can be found on pressure-cleaning trailers:

1) Hand Crank

2) Spring Driven

3) Electric Driven

4) Pivoting

Now that they are all essentially good and valuable for a pressure washer trailer system, you can pick whichever you like.

Triplex Plunger Pump

An essential GPM and a PSI will then be provided by a triplex plunger pump. The fact that your pressure washer system will operate with up to 4.5 GMP of water at 5,000 PSI is crucial for cleaning effectiveness. There are numerous models of this pump, but the majority run on gas and have up to 20 HP.

Fuel Tanks

Because these pressure washing systems consume a lot of gasoline, you will need large commercial-duty engines. Now that there are many fuel tank options, the choice is entirely up to you.

Water Tank

Your pressure washer trailer setup probably requires this more than anything else. You can basically clean anything you want thanks to a water tank. With a 4 GPM pump, a 200-gallon tank can now deliver 50 minutes’ worth of water, which is quite good. Additionally, if your pump is more powerful, you’ll need a larger water tank.

On the other hand, you must ensure that you get the precise water tank with the right capacity to match your pump power. Therefore, if your pump has an output of, say, 8 GPM, your tank should be at least 480 gallons.


One thing is crucial when it comes to engines: you need an excellent industrial engine. Although there are other options as well, Honda engines are quite good for this kind of work. Basically, all you need is a 22 HP engine with a 3600 RPM speed range.

Detergent Tanks

All that’s left are chemicals if the hot water isn’t up to the task. Now, a detergent tank is crucial for pressure washing efficiency. You should pick the detergent tank that best suits you from the wide variety available on the market as a pressure washer trailer setup.

pressure washer trailer setup

What are the Differences Between Trailer Mounted Rig Vs Truck Mounted Rig?

The majority of pressure washing businesses initially expand and invest more in pressure washer tank and trailer setups. Anyhow, a truck-mounted rig and a trailer-mounted rig are the most common options. Let’s talk about their benefits and drawbacks right away. They both have them.

Anyway, let’s look at the most crucial details of these two pressure washer trailer setup models. Let’s begin.

Trailer Mounted Rig

A trailer-mounted rig will undoubtedly cost a little bit more in the beginning, but as a pressure-washer trailer setup, it will undoubtedly provide more flexibility. Now, if your real goal is to grow your company in the best way possible, a trailer-mounted rig is unquestionably the way to go.

You have a better chance of success with a slightly more aggressive expansion with this kind of trailer setup. Additionally, some of the best trailer setups for pressure washing will be suggested by those companies.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Mobile – You can actually park or leave a trailer pressure washer at the job site and still use your truck for other purposes if you have one. Due to the fact that a mobile wash trailer is not a component of your truck, this setup makes your truck as mobile and adaptable as you like.
  • Flexible – Regarding adaptability, you can essentially attach the trailer pressure washer to any truck you desire. Undoubtedly, using a truck-mounted rig, you cannot do that. By doing this, you can perform your job in the future with more flexibility.
  • Higher security – You can actually better secure the pressure washer with a trailer-mounted rig. In other words, you can actually store the trailer safely after you detach it from your truck and never worry about it again. Additionally, a truck is actually necessary for a thief to steal your pressure washer. On the other hand, a truck-mounted rig can be stolen just like a car.
  • Great for attracting customers – It is common knowledge that trailers attract more attention and in any case appear more professional. On the other hand, while the trailer is attached, you can add some advertisements to your truck. All of this has a significant impact on your business and profit.
  • A better option for business expansion – If you want to grow your company quickly, this is unquestionably a better option. This is better for business expansion because all that is required is a trailer rather than a new truck.

Downfalls and Possible Flaws:

  • Cost more up-front – The trailer-mounted rig’s higher upfront cost is one of its drawbacks. This is due to the fact that in addition to the trailer itself, you also need different kinds of tools and equipment.
  • Specialized – A mobile pressure washer is not intended for multiple uses, that much you must be aware of. This particular trailer-mounted rig setup is only employed in the pressure washing industry.

Truck Mounted Rig

Let’s examine a truck-mounted rig pressure washer trailer setup in detail now. The fact that it is less expensive initially is one of the most important features of this type of setup. There are other advantages as well, but there are risks as well. Let’s take a look at them all nonetheless.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Lower costs up-front – A truck-mounted rig is unquestionably less expensive than a trailer-mounted rig upfront, as you may have already assumed. Simply put, it will cost less to purchase a truck-mounted rig and mount the entire pressure washer system on it than it will to do so with a trailer.
  • Convenient for starters – A truck-mounted rig is very practical for starting a pressure washing business. For example, unlike a trailer-mounted rig, you don’t have to spend time hooking up and maintaining the pressure washer system. In this manner, you will undoubtedly be able to accomplish a little bit more work with less effort.

Downfalls and Potential Flaws:

  • Not that flexible – It can be challenging to move a complete pressure washer system around when it is mounted on your truck. In particular, if you arrive at the job site and begin working, your entire truck will be stationary and unable to move. Additionally, unless you intend to empty it daily, you will restrict the use of your truck to business purposes only.
  • Business risk – Whether you like it or not, your truck becomes the backbone of your entire operation. You are unable to function properly if something happens to your truck. On the other hand, a trailer-mounted rig allows for quick truck changes.
  • Takes a lot of space – You won’t have a lot of room for additional pressure washing equipment with a truck-mounted rig. You will actually need to find another way to transport other necessary items because of the limited space.
  • Not easy to secure – It is always preferable to have two distinct items, such as a trailer-mounted rig, in case of theft. A truck-mounted rig is simple to steal because it is housed in a single vehicle.
  • Not that good for expansion – In the long run, this method of pressure washing a trailer is more expensive. In particular, you eventually have to pay a ton of other expenses. Furthermore, as time passes, renting a truck will become increasingly difficult.
  • Draws less attention – It is simple to conclude that a truck-mounted rig is not the best option for advertising. Simply put, it gets less attention and completely detracts from your professional appearance.

That being said, this information covers everything you need to know about pressure washer trailer setup, including information on truck-mounted equipment.

In addition, a pressure washer-enclosed trailer setup model is available. For an entire business setup, see this category.

What is the Suggested Pressure Washer Trailer Setup?

Stop picking your hair one by one and wait. Many vendors are waiting for you to request a pressure washer trailer setup from them.

You can check some setups online in the interim.

NorthStar 2-Gun Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer

If you are all set to start this pressure washing business and have some “good money in the bank”, then this is the one you should go after.

Yes, it is costly but well worth it.

You’ll be prepared to launch a new business with 4000 PSI and 7 GPM of power. Oh, and don’t forget the 23.5 horsepower motor.

The no decreased PSI with both nozzles is one of their best features. Absolutely long-lasting. And fortunately, a spray gun for the rear pressure washer is attached.

SIMPSON Cleaning 95000 Trailer

A Honda engine, such as this one, is always worth taking into account. A true mobile trailer is packed with a 3200 PSI, 2.8 GPM pump.

As I previously stated, you have the option to do this if you have a tight budget but want to take the risk. An outstanding trailer for a cold water pressure washer.


If you want to grow your company and advance, I hope it is clear that a pressure washer trailer setup is actually a very good thing to have. Additionally, compared to a standard pressure washer, a pressure washer trailer will allow you to accomplish much more. While I do not own a business, I am aware of someone in Virginia Beach who does. Writing this article with Jonathan’s assistance was very helpful.