How To Clean Trout?- 9 Steps

The fact that fishing holds a special place in my heart and (likely always will) is no secret. I’ve gone ice fishing in northern Canada and fished open lakes and mountain creeks along the coast of Oregon. Even my ocean fishing in Mexico is worthy of praise! Fishing for medium-sized beautiful fish on moving water, however, is my favorite! Here is how to clean a trout after a successful fishing day.

Required tools To Clean Trout

Extremely sharp fillet knife

Cutting board

Steps For Cleaning Trout

1. Using a sharp fillet knife, insert the point into the *** opening.

2. Cut a straight slit through the center of the trout’s belly. Just cutting through the skin is enough; avoid making deep cuts. Cut the internal organs only as much as is absolutely necessary.

3. Stop before you reach the point below the fish’s jaws, and then cut up to the gills.

4. To extend the v-shaped tab on the underside of the fish’s lower jaw, place a finger inside its mouth and press down on the tongue. The middle of this tab is thick, and the sides are thin. To release the v-shaped tab, insert the knife through the thin portion from one side to the other.


5. With your thumb and forefinger, hold the trout’s lower jaw firmly in place. With your other hand, take hold of the v-shaped tab you just freed. On this piece, pull down.

6. The entire gill structure and entrails will come out with one pull if you pull steadily downward.

7. Holding the trout in one hand and running the thumb of the other hand up the length of the backbone will allow you to remove the last dark-colored blood sac.

8. The fish should be cleaned with paper towels, sanitized ferns, or water. When drying the fish with paper towels after using water, be careful not to damage it. Clean

9. Place in a creel or cooler.10. Or even better, jump right into a hot pan of butter and lemon juice!