How To Use The Best Way To Clean A Bong?

How To Use The Best Way To Clean A Bong?

A filthy bong is the best way to ruin the flavor of a good smoke. Fortunately, there are a few fairly simple and trustworthy best ways to clean a bong. Take good care of your bong, perform basic cleaning, and target any tough stains or areas to make it clean.

When Is It Time To Clean Your Bong?

“You know it’s time to clean your bong if a ring starts to form around the waterline of your bong or when you pour purified water into it and see some little floaters of weed, resin, or residue in there,” explains Reyna. Those particles, combined with bacteria and mildew, “is what results in that really specific bong smell,” adds Navarro.

Having your bong or pipe cleaned once a week is advised by both experts. “A lot of connoisseurs clean their bong every day,” says Reyna. “Simply empty the water out of your bong after each use to keep it clean and avoid issues like this.”

Navarro adds: “While we clean bongs, hopefully, while enjoying some music or a podcast simultaneously!), it’s important to reflect on all the sacrifices made by Black and Brown people in order to achieve legalization. You can clean your bong without worrying thanks to legalization!”

How Often Should You Clean A Bong?

Following a few days to a week of use, according to the majority of experts, you should clean your bong. In order to prevent mold, you should frequently replace the water in your bong, ideally after each use. Mold can grow in any water that is left to sit in a water pipe.

“You’re literally inhaling through your bong and mold can grow in as quickly as 24 hours,” says Baum. “Why would breathing in mold be acceptable if you would freak out if you had mold in your home?”

In fact, pneumonia and lung infections can result from inhaling the bacteria and mold found in contaminated bong water. Additionally, any resin that gathers inside the bong can create a biofilm environment, which can serve as a home to dangerous bacteria that you definitely don’t want to breathe in.

Your best cue as to when to deep clean your bong comes from the color of the water. Even if it’s clean, the resin that has been stuck to the glass of a dirty bong will make the water appear brownish-green. It’s past time for you to clean out your bong if the room is getting dark or nearly black.

The experience is enhanced by using fresh water and spotless glassware. Cleaning your bong will extend its lifespan and increase its value over time, while also allowing you to taste the flavor profile of your cannabis more accurately.

How To Clean A Bong?

Reyna and Navarro contend that using complicated cleaning agents is not the best method for cleaning a bong. They say the tried-and-true combination of salt and rubbing alcohol is still the best way to keep your piece looking as good as new. “People already have those two items in their homes. Let’s keep our community inclusive by using accessible products,” suggests Navarro.

Step 1: Carefully disassemble your bong. The bowl, mouthpiece, and additional accessories should be removed. Rinse with clean water after disposing of any waste.

Step 2: Fill the chamber with isopropyl alcohol, leaving a small amount of empty space. Two to three tablespoons of coarse salt should be added after that. In addition to serving as an abrasive, the salt also acts as a disinfectant to remove the oils from the remaining sticky resin.

Step 3: Shake the bong ferociously by covering the top with your hand. Give it up to 10 minutes to soak.

Step 4: Toss the answer away. If the bong is too narrow to be cleaned with a paper towel, use a bottle brush to scrub the interior.

Step 5: Shake the container, cover it, and empty the contents after giving it a thorough clean inside and out. Repeat as necessary.

Step 6: Use a sponge and dish soap to clean the bong’s exterior.

Step 7: Remove any debris, especially in the bowl, before cleaning any loose pieces. For 10 minutes, soak all the loose parts in a zip-top bag containing isopropyl alcohol and a few tablespoons of salt.

Step 8: Shake the bag, then rinse the pieces in water to remove any dirt.

What Are Tips For Having A Clean Bong?

best way to clean a bong

Tip 1: Never Let Your Water Sit

Dump out your used water after each bong session. Don’t let the grime have a chance to accumulate in your bong. Better yet, clean as soon as possible after immediately rinsing the contaminated water.

Tip 2: Keep Your Bong Out Of Sunlight

Bacteria and algae will grow in the contaminated water in your bong. Keeping your bong out of direct sunlight will lessen any nasty effects if you ever forget to clean it. According to Kaczmar, the ceramic and opaque nature of Summerland bongs shields the contaminated water from ultraviolet light.

Tip 3: Salt Is Your Friend

Salt works as an abrasive to help remove stuck-on grime when cleaning your bong. Prior to beginning a bong session, salt is also beneficial, according to Kaczmar. “Dissolve salt into your bong water before a session,” he says. “It has been hypothesized that some of the harsh ingredients bond the salt molecules rather than the bong’s interior. You’ll probably need to clean it a little less frequently if you dump it and rinse it.”

What Are The Best Bong Cleaning Products?

We’ve compiled a list of the top bong cleaning products that are based on the advice of our experts, whether you want to avoid going to the head shop or would rather restock from the comfort of your own couch.

1. Solimo 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

“I would suggest a 99% as it cleans everything,” says Reyna. Lower percentages of alcohol “can leave other bacteria somewhat dormant if not left in for a certain amount of time.”

2. Member’s Mark 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

During the pandemic, isopropyl alcohol, the powerful component of rubbing alcohol and homemade sanitizers, ran out. Reyna advises that 91% alcohol will still work if you are unable to obtain 99%. “Just soak it longer to be safe,” she recommends.

3. 365 Everyday Value Epsom Salt

4. Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner

“The first product I ever used to clean my pipes and bongs was from Formula 420, so I still use a lot of their cleaning accessories because they have worked so well over the years,” says The brand’s cleaner formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, and secure for metal, glass, and ceramic surfaces, Reyna.

5. Formula 420 Universal Cleaning Caps and Plugs Set

6. Organyc Chlorine- and Plastic-Free Organic Cotton Swabs

“Cleaning your bowl on each side with a Q-tip after every other use really helps keep your bowl fresh and easier on the cleaning process as you will have less junk to clean up,” Reyna says. “It really helps because the alcohol is less soiled and can be put to other uses, as a friend once suggested to me.”

7. Public Goods Dish Soap

Reyna and Navarro advise cleaning your bong and mouthpiece with some regular dish soap; just be sure to thoroughly rinse your equipment.

8. If You Care Organic Unbleached Cheese Cloth

“If you’re running low on alcohol, which is still kind of hard to get at stores, depending on your location, you can save it in a mason jar to reuse,” suggests Reyna, fastening cheesecloth over the jar with a rubber band or a metal lid band and pour your used alcohol through to filter out any impurities.

9. Large Straw Brush

A straw brush can remove any grime that is challenging to reach in those hard-to-scrub areas.

10. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

Reyna suggests that using low-quality materials could be the cause of any persistent stains on your bong. “Regardless of how tempting it may be, avoid using cheap glass and avoid smoking resin. Cheap glass is more porous and the sticky icky gets stuck in and never comes out,” she says.

We like Higher Standards’ stylish glass bongs for those seeking a high-end upgrade. This one looks like a beaker and is made of sturdy glass.

11. Summerland The Land Yacht

Glaze and lead-free, food-safe ceramic are used to create this slick, glossy white bong from Summerland. The handmade piece comes with a high-grade silicone grommet “to ensure clean hits and airtight carbs,” says the brand.

The Formula 420 reusable soft plugs and caps will guarantee a cleaning session without spills. “I really like to use their accessories when I dump all the salt and alcohol in so nothing can come out when I’m shaking it up,” says Reyna.

How to use the best way to clean a bong? Carefully disassemble, fill the chamber with isopropyl alcohol, shake ferociously, toss the answer away, shake the container, use a sponge and dish soap, remove any debris, and shake the bag. Do you have any questions about the best way to clean a bong?